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Ports Tree Explorer (PTE) v0.1
Ports Tree Explorer (PTE) is a small tool that allows you to navigate through your /usr/ports tree, showing you information about a selected port, tree view, software categories (/usr/ports main dir's) and finally allows you to install a selected port using childs for the installation. PTE Allows you to monitor background installs and allow you to perform certain operations related to your software ports tree, with a plain and simple GUI requires almost minimum shell interaction. Newer versions will include CVS updates off the ports, managing/modifying a specific port, see available FLAVORS and finally specify compilation options for this port. Ports Tree Explorer is written in perl/tk and its working (tested) on Open BSD. PTE is free and improvements, adjustments etc. are more than welcomed.

PTE aims to be an easy to use tool. Plain and simple as possible, functional for new users of /usr/ports tree along with experienced users that get bored often :P

The scope of this project is to provide an easy way to use/maintain and install programs from your ports tree.

At the current stage, we aim to be usable and all the required functions be implemented and work.

After this goes to a stable release, security enhancements and extra functionality will be added. So stay tuned :)

A list of the currently available features follows:

  • Ports Category separation
  • Ports Program separation
  • Description of Port
  • Install selected port
  • History of executed commands (Installations)

Here is a short list of the features we plan to implement in this version.

  • Kill a background install.
  • Changed the state of background install from Started to Finished (when the install is actually finished :P)
  • Save history to file.
  • Direct output from the fork to the output window.
  • Support for other ports, like NetBSD, Free BSD ports.